The main activity is the dairy cattle breeding and we have about 100 animals. We mainly produce milk that is processed in our mini dairy. Our farm cultivates about 75 hectares of agricultural land including meadows, pastures and woods.

Our mountain pastures

Our vast mountain pastures allow the transhumance of cattle, from May to October. Meadows rich in flowers and grasses give us an excellent harvest of hay, which is used as winter fodder. From our woods we obtain firewood that is used in our mini cheese factory and the farmhouse.


Tesi mountain pasture is mostly grazing area which is enclosed on the south, west and north sides by dry stone walls. These stones have been upcycled from pasture cleaning. There are two types of buildings here: a traditional dairy hut and a typical pigsty.
The total area is 35 fields and has a coverage of 15 so-called paghe (corresponding to 15 cows), which is the maximum capacity of animals with the same grazing characteristic that can be reared during alpine pasture periods.


The BAITO is a semi-circular building with small windows barred by stone slabs located on an airy hillside which preserves the milk during the hot summer months. It consists of two rooms: the milk room and the fire room. The milk room was used to let the milk rest in the mastèle (large, low round wooden containers) and allow the cream, from which the butter was obtained, to emerge. To ensure adequate ventilation, the room is always located in the downstream part of the building. Under the milk room there is a small stable, used as a shelter for new-born calves or sick cattle.
The fire room, located upstream, has a characteristic fireplace, which extends outside the main wall of the house, to prevent the roof, once made from marsh reed, from catching fire. It houses the large copper cauldron in which the skimmed milk was heated for processing into cheese and ricotta.


Our products are the expression of an ancient tradition that has been handed down from father to son. All our production originates from our milk produced in our mountain pastures of Monte Baldo.
The cheeses are our product par excellence that are made in harmony with the transhumance. They are the result of the hard work of the farmer, the skill of the cheesemaker, the biodiversity of the pastures and the professionalism of the refiner. It is a unique and exclusive message for our customers.

• Fresh milk produced in our mountain pastures
• Natural and controlled feeding
• Breeding: small family-run units
• Milk processing within 12 hours
• Mountain summer pastures
• Use of natural curd
• Ripening in our casare (ancient buildings used for cheese maturation)
• Unique, fresh and genuine ingredients


To spend a few hours at the foot of Monte Baldo, look for the sign of the Italian alpine club (Club Alpino Italiano) with the number 63, a path that climbs northwards towards Pradonego, a very small village where you can breathe air of the past. It is not a very difficult route and it will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views and an uncommon peace. From here, always along the path 63, turn west and cross Val Brutta until you reach Malga Montesel and climb up again until you reach the other CAI path – number 64 – at Malga Colonei in Caprino. Make a stop to enjoy the wonders of nature and admire the thousand flowers of Monte Baldo. And then, keeping to your left, along an ancient mule track, continue until you reach the Malga Colonei di Pesina. At this point the path is all downhill. Take the CAI 662 path, on your left, pass the Grò Baito (hut) and you will arrive to a village called Piore (La Fabbrica). It hasn’t been inhabited for about a century, but it still tells us a bit of history through the remains of the little church and the factory, where many inhabitants of these mountains used to work. From here, take the CAI 53 path and pass Ca Valmenon. In some places you will see the plain of Caprino and Lake Garda. On the south you will see the peninsula of Sirmione, the morainic amphitheatre of Rivoli with Fort Wohlgemuth in the centre as a sentinel. You will bring home an enormous treasure of emotions and memories and you will feel regenerated.